ExpiredServiceNow CIS Discovery Practice Exam Q&A + 200 Questions

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ServiceNow CIS Discovery Practice Exam Q&A + 200 Questions
ServiceNow CIS Discovery Practice Exam Q&A + 200 Questions
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The lastest version, the most complete and updated practice exam

Exam Structure: The exam consists of approximately (45) questions

Exam Scope

  • 35% Discovery Pattern Design
    • Pattern Designer (i.e. Debug, Steps, Sections)
    • Operations (i.e. Match, Parse variable, Parse file, Parsing strategies) –
    • Syntax (i.e. Variables, Attributes, Regex)
    • Application Identification and Connection Sections (Patterns, Identification and Connection Sections, Troubleshooting)
  • 35% Discovery Configuration
    • Discovery Setup (i.e. Behaviors, Clusters, IP Services, Schedules)
    • Discovery Process Flow (i.e. PCIE Phases, ECC Queue, Status, Discovered Device)
    • Discovery Troubleshooting (i.e. Discovery Errors, Duplicates, Credentials)
  • 15% Configuration Management Database
    • CI Class Manager (i.e. CMDB Health Dashboard, CI Class Manager, CMDB Tables, Reclassification, CMDB Relationships)
    • CMDB Identification and Reconciliation (i.e. CI Identifiers, Reconciliation Definitions, Datasource Precedence, CMDB De-duplication)
  • 15% Discovery Engagement Readiness
    • Planning (i.e. MID Server Requirements and Specifications)
    • Operationalizing IT (i.e. MID Server and Discovery Dashboards, Benefits)
    • Discovery Solution (i.e. Business Value, Definition, Positioning)

Recommended Knowledge: Certified System Administrator,

Six (6) months field experience participating in implementing ServiceNow ITOM solutions, specifically Discovery

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Who this course is for:

  • ServiceNow Administrators
  • ServiceNow students

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