ExpiredMicrosoft Word : M.S. Word 2019 with Confidence

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Microsoft Word : M.S. Word 2019 with Confidence
Microsoft Word : M.S. Word 2019 with Confidence
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When you use a computer program to create, edit, and format text documents, you are performing a task known as word processing. Microsoft Word 2019 (Part of the Microsoft Office 2019) is one of the most sophisticated word-processing programs available. By using Word, it is easy to efficiently create a wide range of business and personal documents, from the simplest letter to the most complex report.

For examples, you can use Word to:

• Create professional-looking documents that incorporate impressive graphics.

• Give documents a consistent look by applying styles and themes that control the font, size, color, and effects of  text and the page background.

• Store and reuse pre-formatted elements such as cover pages and sidebars.

• Create personalized mailings to multiple recipients without repetitive typing.

In this course, Microsoft Word : M.S. Word 2019 with Confidence, you will find 100 Questions (objective type, 1 hour). Here is Word 2019. Here is Basic Word, Text Editing, Spell, Documents, Formatting, Character Formatting, Paragraph Formatting, Tab Formatting, Page Formatting, More Page Formatting, Style Formatting, Template and Themes Formatting, Labels and Envelopes, Columns of Text, Tables, Mail Merge and more. You can make your notes of all questions and you can find the excellent knowledge.

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